ELSA (The European Law Students' Association) - is an international, independent, non-political and non-profit organization that unites law students and young lawyers interested in scientific and personal improvement.

The main goal of the organization is to give students from different countries the opportunity to participate in international conferences, seminars, receive information about other legal systems, promote legal education and establish contacts among students of law faculties and young lawyers in Europe.

Areas of activity of ELSA:

1) Academic activity.

Through its academic activities, ELSA makes a direct contribution to legal education. In order to provide an opportunity to use ELSA's wide network to obtain scholarly legal information that may not be available in the students' home countries, the organization conducts legal research, which is implemented with the help of Research Groups and the ELSA Legal Portal.

2) Seminars and conferences.

The key area of Seminars and Conferences serves to supplement the standard curriculum of higher education events by increasing students' understanding of global, legal, social, economic and environmental issues. This direction includes: seminars; conferences; law schools; round tables; educational visits.

3) Student's trainee exchange program (STEP).

STEP (Student's Trainee Exchange Program - international program of student internships) is one of the key activities of ELSA, which is designed to provide internships for law students and young lawyers. It is aimed at the development of legal education and mutual understanding by finding international internships and interns. STEP is a chance for everyone to feel like a lawyer of an influential foreign law firm and to gain invaluable work experience in the field of jurisprudence of another country under the guidance of real specialists in their field.

ELSA-Sumy has been operating in the city of Sumy since 2010. The Sumy branch is located on the basis of Sumy Branch of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs.

The board of ELSA-Sumy consists of the following persons:

  • President - Kyrylo Yeremenko;
  • Secretary General - Ilya Kozlovsky;
  • Treasurer - Diana Lukyanenko;
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs - Sofia Bova;
  • Marketing Manager - Denys Matviyevskyi;
  • Acting Vice President for Seminars and Conferences - Denys Matviievskyi;
  • Acting Vice President for Competitions - Sofia Bova;
  • Vice President for Professional Development - Valentyna Bilyavska.

ELSA-Sumy invites everyone to join its friendly team.