The library in Sumy branch of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is an educational, scientific, informational and cultural-educational structural subdivision of the branch, which provides educational process, scientific-pedagogical activity, research and educational work of the branch with books, periodicals and other information carriers.

During the year the authors publish more than 100,000 books and magazines, the number of visits per year is almost 35,000, more than 1,500 inquiries and consultations for higher education students are performed, up to 70 exhibitions are organized.

The library completes the fund in accordance with the curriculum and research of the university, taking into account the various requests of readers, analyzing the use of scientific literature and providing textbooks to higher education, subscribes to professional periodicals.

The library has a large fund of modern legal literature (43,000 copies), as well as the letter tours in different directions, according to the needs of the educational process. There is a very good collection of reference books (1935 copies), which is constantly used by users.

The library provides information requests to readers, using its own information resources, resorting to various forms and methods of individual, group and media: "request-answer" service, individual informing of students, teachers about the topics of their research, differentiated management services (DOC), Department Days, Information Days , Curator's days.

Thematic book exhibitions, which located in the common reading room, are created according to the Calendar of Memorable Dates and are therefore constantly updated, presenting more and more information for users, to make the library an open center of life students, ensuring the availability of information, comfort library space, usefulness and activity. It is important for us to create such conditions for users that would be a continuation of their daily lives with all its components: learning, recreation, entertainment. The library's special reading room is actively used by teachers for round tables, brain-rings, etc.

The library has an open Internet access Wi-Fi zone.

Students have access to large amounts of free secondary information from the Internet, have access to the legal database "League-Law".

Much attention is paid to teaching readers the basics library and information literacy - one of the activities of the library. There are library tours, individual and group interviews, consultations, library and bibliographic classes.

The strategic goals of the library is further assistance in training highly educated professionals of modern level through the educational process and research activity with the help of specific library and information methods and tools; introduction of modern information technologies in the work of the library; creation of a modern information center in the library and the library's entrance to the world information space; accumulation and storage of the documentary fund; comprehensive disclosure of the library fund through the introduction of various cultural events; raising the positive image of the library as a center of communication and interaction between visitors.

Structural subdivisions of the library of Sumy branch of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Structurally, the library consists of 5 divisions:

  1. Educational subscription. The department of educational subscription is a structural subdivision of the library, which issues documents for temporary use.
  2. General reading room. Reading room - a structural unit of the library, which provides operational library and information and bibliographic services to users.
  3. Hall of periodicals. The main functions of the reading room of periodicals are to serve teachers, applicants for higher education, graduate students, undergraduate students of the branch.
  4. A special reading room was created to work with the scientific and pedagogical staff of the branch. The visitors are presented information publications of the library (bulletins of new arrivals, newsletters, recommended lists of literature, etc.
  5. Library point of Sumy Center of Primary Professional Training "Police Academy" (Sumy) of Sumy branch of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs.

Library opening hours

Monday - Friday from 8.00 to 16.45
Saturday is a day off
Sunday is a day off

Contact information

Address: 54 A Nyzhno-Syrovatska St., Sumy, Sumy region, 40007

E-mail address: [email protected]

Phone: (0542)33-03-18