The most important issues of activity and development of Sumy Branch of the KhNUIA are considered by the collegial governing body - the Academic Council. The composition and powers of the Academic Council of the branch are determined by the Regulations.

The powers of the Academic Council of the branch include making decisions on the following issues:

  • development of the draft Regulations on the branch, changes and additions to it, submission of them to the consideration of the labor team of the branch and submission to the Academic Council of the university for approval;
  • development of branch symbols and submission to the Academic Council of the university for approval;
  • making decisions on issues of a conceptual nature, determining the directions of strategic development of the branch;
  • development and approval of measures to centralize and unify the activities of the branch;.
  • discussion of new and updated current educational and professional programs, training programs and plans, textbooks, training manuals, methodical guidelines developed in the branch;
  • development of scientific research in various branches of law in the branch;
  • examination (review) of scientific works, textbooks and other categories of educational and methodical products of the branch;
  • review of the results of the branch's educational, methodical and scientific research work, practice and internship of students studying at the branch, as well as the results of inspections and certification;
  • consideration of issues related to strengthening discipline and legality in the branch;
  • monitoring the implementation of the latest educational technologies in the branch;
  • monitoring compliance with education standards in the branch;
  • in the case of delegation of powers, the Academic Council of the university elects by secret ballot for the positions of professors, associate professors, senior lecturers and branch teachers;
  • involvement of specialists of central and local executive bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations, experts, as well as international experts, representatives of leading foreign institutions of higher education and/or experts of institutions that ensure the quality of higher education in other countries, to consideration of issues in the specified field;
  • ensuring interaction with representatives of other higher education institutions, organizations and associations of employers, professional associations, the national association of students (cadets), other stakeholders on issues related to his competence;
  • ensuring the quality of higher education of degree holders in accordance with certain standards of higher education, educational and professional programs, programs of academic disciplines and the system of internal assurance of the quality of educational activities and the quality of higher education at the university;
  • consideration of other issues of the faculty's activity in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

The head of the Academic Council of the branch is the director of the branch.

The organization of the academic council's work is ensured by the secretary of the Academic Council.

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